Projects - NewPath Networks Distributed Antenna System


NewPath Networks submitted a Special Use Permit application to allow the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the Town of Paradise Valley right-of-way. A distributed antenna system consists of a fiber-optic backbone that connects a series of antenna nodes that wireless carriers may use to improve system capacity, coverage, voice quality, high speed data, and internet access. The fiber connects to a "hub" which contains the carrier's base station equipment.

Newpath's proposal for Paradise Valley consists of the fiber optic cable and 42 signal antenna nodes located above ground on vertical structures such as street light poles, traffic signals, or faux cacti.

Approval Process

The first step in the Special Use Permit review process is the Town Council’s issuance of a Statement of Direction. The Statement of Direction is intended to provide general guidelines or project parameters as the application progresses through the Planning Commission and Town Council review. A Statement of Direction is not a final decision and shall create no vested rights to the approval of a Special Use Permit. The Council issued the Statement of Direction on March 25, 2010.

The application is now under the review of the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will study the proposed application over the course of several work study meetings (April 6th, April 20th, May 4th, and May 18th). The public is welcome to attend the work study sessions to listen to the Commission’s discussion; however, public testimony typically is not taken during work study sessions. Sometimes the Planning Commission Chairman will ask questions of concerned parties if it is appropriate to the discussion.

Work Study Sessions

After the work study sessions, a public hearing will be scheduled before the Planning Commission. This is likely to occur in June. Notification of the public hearing will be sent via US Mail to all property owners within 1000’ of each proposed antenna node. All the proposed antenna sites will also be posted with a public hearing sign. Public testimony is taken at the public hearing. (If you are unable to attend, you may submit your concerns / questions in writing to Molly Hood before the meeting. All emails and letters received will be provided to the Commission before the public hearing.) After taking public testimony at the public hearing, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Town Council. The application and Planning Commission recommendation will then be forwarded to the Town Council for review.

The Town Council will review the application during a work study session. Another public hearing before the Town Council will be scheduled. Again, notification of the public hearing will be sent via US Mail to all property owners within 1000’ of each proposed antenna node. The Town Council will take final action on the Special Use Permit application.

Information on this page is subject to change. Please check back for updates and additional data.

Approved July 9, 2010

Special Use Permit Granted by Ordinance 625
Exhibit B to Ordinance 625 DAS Master Plan showing locations


Proposed Locations

Map of Paradise Valley